Effect of TRH on the Synthesis and Stability of Cytoplasmic RNAs of GH3B6 Cells

  • A. Morin
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Rat prolactin continuous cell lines offer invaluable models for studying the mechanism of action of thyroliberin (TRH) on prolactin (PRL) secretion in a homogeneous population of target cells (Tashjian and Hoyt, 1972; Tixier-Vidal et al., 1975). One of these cell lines, GH3B6, is a subclone of the GH3 strain derived from a transplantable pituitary tumor induced by chronic estrogen treatment (Tashjian et al., 1968). As reported by Tashjian et al. (1970, 1971) and Gourdji et al. (1972) for GH3 cells, GH3B6 cells secrete both PRL and, at a low level, growth hormone (GH), and they respond to TRH by an increase of PRL secretion.


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