Structural Basis of Adenohypophyseal Secretory Processes

  • Andrée Tixier-Vidal
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The cellular and molecular mechanisms that direct the synthesis and release of adenohypophyseal hormones cannot be discussed without taking account of the structural organization of the corresponding cells. Indeed, structure and function represent two aspects of an integrated system: the living cell. The morphological organization of the anterior pituitary cell reflects the sites of location of the molecular and physiological events involved in adenohypophyseal secretory processes and their regulation. In addition, this structural organization itself suggests many working hypotheses to the cell physiologist and the molecular biologist. Before considering structure at the single-cell level—which can be done only in experimental conditions and in vitro—I shall briefly discuss the microen-vironment of the adenohypophyseal glandular cells within the anterior pituitary tissue for a complete view of the situation.


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