Experiments on the Saturn S-Ib Stage to Determine the Lox Density

  • H. T. deBooy
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Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 12)


The Saturn I first stage, the S-I, was conceived in 1958 to provide early capability for large payloads. Existing hardware was used wherever possible. The decision to arrange the engines and tanks in clusters allowed the use of equipment developed in the Army’s ballistic missile program. Thus, the current, uprated S-IB stage has eight 70-in.-diameter tanks (from the Redstone missile) surrounding a single 105-in.-diameter tank (from the Jupiter missile). The center tank and four of the outboard tanks are used for LOX and the other four outboard tanks are used for the RP-1 fuel. All of the tanks are approximately 60 ft long, and both the LOX and the fuel tanks are interconnected at the too and at the bottom.


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