Electrophysiological Effects of Taurine in Cardiac Purkinje Fibers and Myocardial Taurine Loss during Ischemia. Is There a Relationship?

  • R. D. Nathan
  • M. F. CrassIII
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 139)


Interest in a role for taurine in the maintenance of normal electrophysiology of the heart originated from the experiments of Read and Welty (16) and later, Chazov and colleagues (1). These workers showed that exogenous taurine was capable of causing the disappearance or reduction in severity of arrhythmias, principally premature ventricular contractions, in whole animals or isolated hearts administered toxic doses of catecholamines or glycosides. The proposed mechanisms for these antiarrhythmic effects of taurine have not received uniform acceptance by workers in the field, and the subject is clearly in need of much investigation.


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