Control of the Immunological Status of Neoplastic Patients undergoing Telecobalt Therapy in Association with Radiosensitizers

  • A. Petralia
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 43)


For about three years, immunological checks on neoplastic patients undergoing radiation treatments have been performed. Checks are carried out before, during and at the end of the irradiation cycle, and afterwards at different times, over a period of one year. One of the checks routinely carried out on blood samples is the study of rosettes and the lymphocyte mitogen stimulation (LMS). More recently, such immunological controls were extended to neoplasia patients to which radiosensitizers were administered during radiotherapeutic treatment. From a preliminary analysis of the data hitherto collected, no significant variation of immunological status seems to single out the patients subjected to radiation treatment in association with nitroimidazoles with respect to those undergoing radiotherapy alone. In this way it is hoped to detect any change in immunological status that might be induced by the imidazoles.


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