Clinical Trials and Preliminary Results Obtained by Association of Electroaffinic Hypoxic Cell Radiosensitizing Drugs (Misonidazole and Metronidazole) with Radiotherapy (Telecobalt Therapy) for the Treatment of Some Types of Neoplastic Diseases at a Locally Advanced Stage

  • L. Busutti
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 43)


The treatment protocol consists of a first part in which patients undergo Telecobalt therapy with two opposed fields or with three fields (one anterior and two laterals) around the pelvic area, including bladder, bulbous urethra and inguinal-iliac lymphnodes; daily dose amounts to 1Gy × 3 with four hours interval between the fractions; weekly dose is 15Gy; total dose 45Gy. Radiation treatment is accompanied by daily administration of misonidazole in doses of 800mg/m2 up to a maximum tolerance dose of 12g/m2; administration occurs between the third and the fourth hours before the first exposure to radiation.


Soft Tissue Sarcoma Maximum Tolerance Dose Hypoxic Cell Female Pelvis Cervix Carcinoma 
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