Fundamentals of Laser Angioplasty: Photoablation and Spectral Diagnostics

  • N. P. Furzikov
  • V. S. Letokhov
  • A. A. Oraevsky
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 35)


Laser angioplasty is a new and very promising method for treating arterial obstructions resulting from atherosclerotic degeneration of the blood vessels1–3. There are several reasons for current interest in this technique. The first is the wide spread of atherosclerosis among the population of developed countries and the high mortality (about 50% of the total death rate) from this disease, especially from occlusions of the major arteries. The second reason is the inadequacy of existing methods of treating atherosclerotic lesions in blood vessels. Balloon dilatation yields positive results in a limited number of cases only, and prothesis and aortic-coronary shunting are very traumatic and frequently suffer from complications. And finally, the third reason for the advent of angioplasty is the rapid progress in development of laser radiation sources and optical fiber technology.


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  • V. S. Letokhov
  • A. A. Oraevsky

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