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Monopole Flux Limits from the Soudan I Experiment

  • John E. Bartelt
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 111)


We have searched for magnetic monopoles using the Soudan I proton decay detector, located 600 meters underground on the 23rd level of the Soudan Mine1. The detector consists of 3,456 proportional tubes arranged in 48 layers of 72 tubes each, embedded in heavy, iron-rich concrete. The proportional tubes use a gas mixture of 91% argon and 9% carbon dioxide. Alternate layers are oriented orthogonally, to provide complimentary two-dimensional views (see Fig. 1). Additionally, the individual tubes are staggered vertically to provide better coverage. The tubes are 2.8 cm in diameter and spaced by 4 cm in each dimension. They are 2.9 meters long. Overall, the detector is 2.9 m by 2.9 m by 2.0 m tall, and has a total mass of 31.4 tons. By weight, its composition is 57% iron, 29% oxygen, 13% calcium, and 1.2% hydrogen. It is surrounded on the top and four sides by scintillation counters which serve as an active shield.


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