Regulation and Role of Intracellular Ca2+ in Insulin Secretion by the β Cell

  • Michael L. McDaniel
  • Jerry R. Colca
  • Nirmala Kotagal
  • Paul E. Lacy


An understanding of the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus is hampered by our incomplete knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the normal release of insulin. Glucose is recognized as the principal physiological stimulus for insulin secretion from the β cell. However, the precise cellular mechanisms by which the release of insulin is effected remain unresolved. In general, the over all process by which glucose provokes insulin release involves the following sequence of cellular events: (1) recognition of D-glucose by the β cell; (2) rapid changes in cation fluxes, specifically Ca2+, K+, and Na+; (3)regulation of a Ca2+ extrusion and sequestration system; and (4) a Ca2+-dependent effector mechanism for controlling the translocation of insulin secretory granules to the plasma membrane, fusion of the secretory granules with the plasma membrane, and emiocytosis.


Endoplasmic Reticulum Insulin Secretion ATPase Activity Secretory Granule Acidic Phospholipid 
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    • 1
  • Jerry R. Colca
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  • Nirmala Kotagal
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  • Paul E. Lacy
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