Growth Pattern of Pancreatic Islets in Animals

  • Claes Hellerström
  • Ingemar Swenne


Since the first edition of The Diabetic Pancreas, new facts and observations relevant to islet growth have accumulated rapidly in the literature. Most of this concerns the B cell, but much new information has also been obtained on the other types of islet cells.* This progress, no doubt, reflects the more general use of immunocytochemical staining methods for identification of different islet cell types in combination with morphometric methods for quantitation of islet cell volume and weight. In addition, the application of techniques for cell cycle analyses has made possible a more detailed characterization of the various phases of B-cell life cycle. A review of these latter techniques will be given below. Animal experiments have furthermore expanded the knowledge on the effects of nutrients, hormones, and drugs on B-cell replication and they have contributed significant information on changes in islet cell proliferation with age. New animal models for both type I and type II diabetes have evolved and the role of a possible deficiency of B-cell proliferation for the manifestation of these diabetic syndromes has been a matter of much concern. It is the purpose of the present chapter to review and discuss the literature within this broad frame with particular emphasis on data that have appeared since the publication of the first edition in 1977.1


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