Chemically and Hormonally Induced Diabetes Mellitus

  • Albert Y. Chang
  • Arthur R. Diani


The purpose of this chapter is to provide a review of the literature pertaining to chemically induced diabetes mellitus since 1977, the year when the first edition of this book was published. A thorough historical account (prior to 1977) of this topic has been published.1 This chapter is divided into four sections. The first two parts discuss the two chemical agents most widely used to induce diabetes mellitus in animals: streptozotocin and alloxan. The third section encompases various agents that cause transient or permanent hyperglycemia in man or experimental animal models. These agents include β-cytotoxic chemicals (dithizone, benzothiazides, Vacor, etc.), L-asparaginase, and a compound damaging the ventromedial hypothalamus (monosodium glutamate). The fourth section discusses the insulin-counteracting hormones, i.e., glucagon, growth hormone, sex hormones, and catecholamines.


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