Hemochromatosis and Diabetes

  • Bruno W. Volk
  • Klaus F. Wellmann


Hemochromatosis is a rare disorder of metabolism characterized by the deposition throughout the body of abnormally large amounts of hemosiderin and, to a lesser degree, of hemofuscin, particularly in the liver, pancreas, and skin. The three cardinal signs of the disease are hepatomegaly with cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, and abnormal pigmentation of the skin. In 1865, Trousseau1 described the first case, although no name was coined by him for this disease. The second case was reported in 1871 by Troisier,2 who called the disease “le cirrhose pigmentaire dans diabète sucré.” Hanot and Chauffard,3 11 years later, believed that the diabetes associated with hemochromatosis was probably the primary disease and caused cirrhosis as well as pigmentation of the skin. They called the disease “cirrhose hypertrophique pigmentaire dans le diabète sucré.” Other authors4–7 similarly considered the hyperglycemia as the primary cause of the disorder and thought that the disturbance of blood sugar homeostasis resulted from the changes in the liver and the other organs.


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  • Klaus F. Wellmann
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  2. 2.Department of PathologyState University of New York, Downstate Medical CenterBrooklynUSA

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