Statistical Analysis of Amyloid Activities Since 1950 — Basis for an Autonomous Journal

  • Thos. J. Muckle


The numbers and types of amyloid publications listed in International Indices were examined from 1950 to 1986. Until 1960 most of the publications were of a case report nature. Following the meeting in Antwerp on paramyloidoses, an increase rate of publications on amyloidosis began and has continued progressively. The rate of increase surged fairly rapidly until about 1968, a plateau until 1978 followed, and then a very much more rapidly increasing rate since 1979 up to the present time. Some of these changes appeared to be readily explicable, others are puzzling. A survey of selected journals for non-amyloid publications appearing in 1984 and 1985 was also carried out, and a comparision made between these and amyloid publications. The indications are that the existence of an autonomous journal for amyloidosis is overdue.


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