A Record Store Manager

  • Susan M. Melancon
Part of the Emotions, Personality, and Psychotherapy book series (EPPS)


Benjamin Way was 20 years old at the time of sampling, and worked as a store manager at a record store. Ben, a native Las Vegan, had recently returned from Los Angeles, where he had lived with friends and worked in a record store for a year following his graduation from a Las Vegas high school. He was an acquaintance of the author, and had expressed an interest in participating in the sampling study after hearing it described one night at a social gathering. Ben provided us with a glimpse into the inner experiences of an individual whose life-style was somewhat different from that of other persons we had sampled. Ben, unlike our other subjects, had not attended college; while intelligent enough to be successful in college, he had thus far avoided that environment in favor of working. He was an avid musician; he loved modern popular music and it followed him everywhere. He was a single, socially active young man who dated and partied regularly and lived with three friends in a shared apartment. He was also a frequent user of recreational drugs and alcohol.


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