Implications for Understanding Schizophrenia

  • Russell T. Hurlburt
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It is not the purpose of this book to provide a theory of the schizophrenic process, nor even to describe some of the essential characteristics of schizophrenia. Such tasks would require a more consistent focus on schizophrenia as well as data from many more subjects. However, while we do not have complete data, we do nonetheless have sufficient carefully collected data to make some general observations on the inner experience of schizophrenics, to raise some questions regarding our present understanding of schizophrenia, and to speculate on the answers to some of those questions. With this caveat, however, we feel justified in speculating, since we have already provided a fairly complete description of the individuals whose experiences led to the speculations, so that the critical reader can judge the adequacy of the speculations for him- or herself.


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