Clinical Examination of the Pelvis

  • Charles M. Steer


The essential purpose of clinical examination is to divide pelves into two large groups, the clinically “adequate” and the “inadequate or suspect” forms. The former or “adequate” group includes large examples of the pure and mixed morphologic types which should be considered clinically as “normal” pelves. The “inadequate or suspect” pelvis indicates the presence of deviation from the normal in one or both pelvic segments. It is necessary for record purposes to describe what is meant by a clinically “adequate” or “inadequate” pelvis by the use of a suitable terminology. The following outline has been arranged to serve this purpose. This outline is too comprehensive for use in hospital charts. A condensed form should retain the descriptive terms which are used to describe pelvic morphology for the roentgenologic report.


Eter Rounded Clenched Fist 


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