Isolation of Cell Surface Membrane Fractions from Mammalian Cells and Organs

  • David M. NevilleJr.


The use of cell surface membrane fractions in biochemical research has changed from a rarity to a commonplace over the last 5 yr. The interest in these fractions stems from the important functions of the surface membrane in the living cell. The cell surface membrane is the physical boundary which separates the internal environment of the cell from the external environment, and all interactions between the cell and its environment must take place across this boundary. All free energy gradients which exist at this boundary—chemical, electrostatic, or mechanical—are due in large part to the properties of the membrane. The ways in which the membrane handles these gradients may be thought of as specialized functions of the membrane. These physiological functions consist of information transfer to and from the environment and membrane-mediated responses to the environments. The latter include transport of substances entering and leaving the cell, modification of substances at the cell surface, and the mechanical processes of cell locomotion and division. One can see that much of biology and biochemistry occurs at this interface. Consequently, the number of investigators wishing to use cell surface membrane fractions is large and their backgrounds are diverse.


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