The Effect of Lithium on Release of Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Activity in Vitro

  • Robert A. Joyce
  • Paul A. Chervenick
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 127)


Blood neutrophil concentration increases when lithium carbonate (Li) is given to hematologically normal subjects (O’Connell, 1970; Shopsin and Friedman, 1971). Recent reports (Hammond and Dale, 1979) have suggested that Li may increase blood neutrophils in gray collie dogs with cyclic hematopoiesis and may attenuate the neutropenia induced by cyto-toxic chemotherapy (Stein et al., 1977; Fehir and Rossof, 1977; Lyman et al., 1978; Joyce and Chervenick, 1979). Following reports (Tisman et al., 1973) that lithium enhances granulocyte production in vitro and increases release of colony stimulating activity (CSA) (Joyce and Chervenick, 1975a), Rothstein et al., (1978) demonstrated increased granulocyte production and expanded blood granulocyte pools in psychiatric patients receiving Li. Malloy et al., (1978) studied normal subjects given Li and found increased marrow neutrophils and neutrophil progenitor cells and increased levels of urinary CSA. Increased levels of urine CSA have been reported in patients with Felty’s syndrome given Li (Gupta et al., 1976) and addition of Li to media conditioned by murine lung tissue has been demonstrated to enhance release of CSA (Harker et ah, 1977). Blood monocytes and mitogen stimulated lymphocytes are major sources of CSA in man (Chervenick and LoBuglio, 1972; Cline and Golde, 1974). The increased release of CSA from leukocytes in the presence of Li forms the basis of this report.


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