Neurologic Disorders

  • Eleanor J. Bell
  • Fakhry Assaad
  • Karin Esteves
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The clinical importance of coxsackieviruses (CV) is becoming increasingly more apparent. The role of the six group B viruses (CVB) in aseptic meningitis, respiratory illness, and Bornholm disease is already well established. In addition, these viruses are probably the commonest cause of acute myopericarditis and have recently been implicated as a precipitating factor in congestive cardiomyopathy and acute-onset juvenile diabetes. Good evidence regarding the suspected important role of the 24 group A coxsackieviruses (CVA) in human disease is however scarce. The detection of most of these serotypes still depends mainly on inoculation of newborn mice, a major factor that has discouraged in-depth investigation, except by a few specialized laboratories.


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