The Role of the Pseudobranch and Choroid Rete Mirabile in Fish Vision

  • D. D. Beatty
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The choroid rete mirabile is a large horseshoe-shaped, glandlike structure located around the optic nerve in the choroid layer of the eye of many species of fishes. This rete consists of thousands of closely packed and parallel arterial and venous capillaries with a countercurrent flow of blood. Arterial blood from the rete is supplied to the choriocapillaris underlying the retina, the venous blood draining back through the venous capillaries (Barnett, 1951). The ophthalmic artery (the efferent artery of the pseudo-branch) supplies blood to the rete and thus is the major source of blood for the choriocapillaris. In addition, the retinal artery (from the internal carotid) supplies some blood to the choriocapillaris via the lentiform body which also has a rete type organization (Barnett, 1951). The choroid rete, together with the pigment cell epithelium and choriocapillaris, maintains high oxygen tensions in the mainly avascular teleost retina (Wittenberg and Wittenberg, 1962, 1974).


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