Rhodopsin — Porphyropsin Changes in Paired-Pigment Fishes

  • D. D. Beatty
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Visual pigments have been characterised for over 400 species of fishes (Lythgoe, 1972; Munz and McFarland, 1973), of which approximately one-sixth are paired-pigment species. The pairedpigment species are those having both rhodopsin and porphyropsin in the retina either together or sequentially. Except for the marine lamprey, Petromyzon marinus, all the known paired-pigment fishes are teleosts. Moreover few exclusively marine species have paired-pigments, most having only rhodopsins and a few only por-phyropsins. Marine species with paired-pigments are mainly in the families Labridae and Scaridae. Among teleosts which are marine-freshwater (euryhaline) or exclusively freshwater species almost one-half of those studied have paired-pigments (Lythgoe, 1972; Schwanzara, 1967). The majority of these are in the Cyprinidae, Characidae and Cichlidae for tropical waters and in the Salmonidae and Cyprinidae for temperate waters. The cyprinids and characids are considered as primary freshwater fishes (inhabit only freshwater), the cichlids are secondary freshwater fishes (usually inhabit freshwater but may live in brackish waters) and the salmonids are peripheral freshwater fishes (live in freshwater but may live in brackish water or even full sea water) (Schwanzara, 1967).


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