Methods of Research For Neurotransmitter Substances: General Introduction

  • Herbert H. Jasper
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 1)


I would like first to thank Babu Ali for kindly inviting us to participate in this NATO Advanced Study Institute on vision in fishes. We consider this a special privilege since none of the speakers in this morning’s panel qualify for membership in this very distinguished and prestigious club of international experts on vision in fish. We are particularly pleased to be able to help welcome so many foreign visitors to Canada, and especially to this beautiful setting at Bishop’s University. We expect to learn much from the splendid programme that has been organised. In order to earn this privilege, we have offered to speak of some of the work we are doing on the mammalian nervous system hoping that the methods we shall describe may be of value also in studies of the nervous system in fish.


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