The Application of a Phase-Level Approach for the Treatment of Young Adult Alcohol and Multiple Substance Abusers in an Urban Community

  • Jay Fischer
  • James N. Mitchell


During 1974, the Charing Cross Clinic for Drug and Alcohol Problems: one of Glasgow’s largest out-patient substance abuse treatment facilities, developed the first program within the National Health Service, for the treatment of young adult (ages 16–30) alcohol and multiple substance abusers (Fischer and Coyle, 1976). The program, called the Young Persons Program, of YPP, was developed to obviate problems brought about by the traditional approach of interspersing younger and older patients in the same treatment regime (Coyle and Fischer, 1977).


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  • Jay Fischer
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  • James N. Mitchell
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  1. 1.Addiction Research and Treatment CorporationUSA

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