The War within the Drug Abuse Program: Problems of Linkage between Criminal Justice and Health Service Systems

  • H. Graham McDonald


My interest in the area of drug abuse has not been sparked by concern for law enforcement, where drugs are viewed as a menace and the abusers of substances apprehended — their sources attacked. Nor do I write about the subject of drug abuse with the knowledge of a provider of treatment services to the drug dependent person, viewing drug abuse as an illness (physical or psychological, individual or societal) to be cured — its sources addressed. As executive director of a state Senate investigation of Pennsylvania’s drug laws, I have approached the topic of drug abuse with an eye toward developing new legislation (or eliminating old laws) so that both drug law enforcers and drug treatment providers can achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.


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  1. 1.Special Senate Committee to Investigate the Drug Laws of PennsylvaniaUSA

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