Innovations in Vocational Rehabilitation: 2) Self-Employment Development

  • Victor I. Friesen
  • Vincent Young


Self-employment is an area which has been sadly neglected as a concept in the vocational rehabilitation of people who are handicapped or disadvantaged in general, and even more so in the area of drug and alcohol abuse treatment. An extensive literature search has revealed few references to the application of this concept. Ward (1973) related that the Pathfinder Corporation in New York had proposed a project to aid in the establishement of companies staffed by ex-addicts and ex-offenders. These were to be small companies however, and not self-employment enterprises, as suggested here. It appears that this project was never funded or activated. On the national scene, the Small Business Administration (SBA) was founded in 1953 to aid small business. However, the SBA requires that the companies already be established, have an adequate credit rating, and be approved by a supervisory or lending institution. Other agencies on the local level involved in the establishment of small businesses also have strict guidelines governing eligibility requirements. Very few clients could pass the character screenings, established-credit and police record checks.


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