Pretraining Screening: How to Pick the Winners

  • Bruce E. Fischer
  • Dennis A. Armstrong


The major focus of this paper is on the description of a quantitative screening methodology, Strategy for Counselor Selection (SCS), used for selecting applicants to the Chemical Dependency Counseling Program (CDCP), an undergraduate counselor training program housed in the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota. There were several incentives behind the development of this comprehensive screening strategy. First of all, the number of applicants to the CDCP has typically outnumbered the available training slots by a ratio of three to one. Secondly, in the absence of definitive manpower data, the CDCP wanted to acknowledge its responsibility for limiting the number of individuals being trained for counseling positions which may or may not exist in the market place. Finally, and most importantly, there was a strong desire to select those individuals who demonstrated the greatest potential for being effective helpers.


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  • Bruce E. Fischer
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  • Dennis A. Armstrong
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  1. 1.Chemical Dependency Counseling ProgramUniversity of MinnesotaUSA

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