Continuing Medical Education in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: A Formula for Success

  • Michael R. Liepman
  • Suzanne S. Gilbert


Continuing Medical Education in the field of alcoholism and drug abuse is problematic for several reasons (Brown, 1979). For many physicians, past education in this area is totally lacking, or worse, is harmful. Negative attitudes toward the substance abuser and pessimism about recovery plague medical professionals and their all too common chemically dependent patients. Many physicians have been “used” by the drug abusers or the pharmaceutical industry as pushers of psychoactive drugs. Yet most physicians are not aware of the frequency of hidden substance abuse in their patients because of the stigmatized nature of the illness and a lack of sophistication in physician history taking about psychoactive drug use. The hardest problem encountered by substance abuse educators is leading the horse to water. Many continuing medical education (CME) courses in substance abuse have been offered in recent months around the country, often suffering from under-registration by physicians and often from last minute cancellation when budgetary minima are not met.


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