Substance Abuse Education in the D.C. Public Schools

  • Edward WhiteJr.


The absence of drug abuse education on an ongoing basis leaves a tremendous void in the curriculum of the D.C. public schools. The current academic population by and large has been subjected to the sensational aspects of drug abuse in conjunction with the events of the late sixties via the mass communications media. The romanticism and mystique associated with certain drugs further increases the misinformation potential that is traditionally inherent with drug abuse. The need for drug abuse education is urgent, especially in the inner city and among members of ethnic minorities. Previous drug abuse education was not always relevant to ethnic target groups. It employed stereotyped scare tactics that just did not work. In relating to the D.C. schools, the Physical Education Department was utilized by the Institute as a point of entry. Drug abuse has been characterized in some circles as deviant and an expression of self hate, excelling in physical competition has historically been a natural counter-action to this so-called self hate. The Physical Education Department was a logical starting point. This paper will identify methods of educating students and sensitizing teachers to the ramifications of drug abuse.


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