Treatment of Gays in a Straight Environment: Gay Alcoholics, Drug Addicts Survive a “Straight In-patient Milieu.”

  • Stuart B. Smith
  • Max A. Schneider


There has been considerable discussion on the need for separate treatment programs and facilities for homosexual (gay) persons who are alcoholics and/or drug addicts. Some critics feel that a heterosexual (straight) environment is not conducive for gays because of their unique problems, life style and the lack of knowledge and understanding on the part of the heterosexual staff and patients. This supposedly would result in a lower recovery rate and a reduced number of gays seeking treatment than their straight counterparts. This paper addresses these issues and indicates that gays can survive and thrive in a straight in-patient treatment milieu.


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  • Stuart B. Smith
    • 1
  • Max A. Schneider
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  1. 1.Alcoholism Recovery ServiceSt. Joseph HospitalUSA

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