Rejection of Transplanted Tumors in Mice

  • Jeno M. Barnothy


In 1932 Julia Lengyel of the Pathological Institute of the University of Budapest came to the Institute for Experimental Physics and requested from me permanent magnets and advice on how she could produce strong magnetic fields, in which she wanted to grow chick heart tissues in vitro. Her results,1 the deformation and retardation of the development of the argyrophil fiber system and the appearance of a large number of multinucleated giant cells, would probably require further confirmation. But I believe that her experiments were the first scientifically conducted investigations of the biological effects of static magnetic fields on tissues. A few years later, T. Huzella, Director of the Pathological Institute, showed me some of his microkinematographic pictures on which cancer cells migrating from malignant tissues into healthy tissues, following the path of the fibers, could be seen. These two observations suggested to me that malignant tumors could perhaps be isolated by subjecting the tumor and its vicinity to a strong magnetic field, thus retarding the development of the fiber system, serving as guiding path for migrating cancer cells. Even if this hypothesis should prove to be erroneous, it induced me to start experiments which showed that the growth of malignant tumors can be influenced by strong magnetic fields.


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  1. 1.Biomagnetic Research FoundationEvanstonUSA

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