Increase of Trypsin Activity

  • Elton S. Cook
  • Sister M. Justa Smith


The mounting evidence of the biological effects of magnetic fields, reviewed in the other papers in this volume, and in particular the effects observed by our colleagues on the respiration of tumor and normal embryonic cells1 (see also Part III, Ch. 1), made us wonder if the metabolic effects could directly involve enzymes. Since studies on the denaturation of trypsin by ultraviolet irradiation were under way in our laboratory, we decided to compare the results with the behavior of trypsin in a magnetic field.


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  • Elton S. Cook
    • 1
  • Sister M. Justa Smith
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of Chemistry and BiochemistryInstitutum Divi ThomaeCincinnatiUSA

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