Lifespan Increase of Tumor-Bearing Mice Through Pretreatment

  • Leo Gross


In 1956, Barnothy, Barnothy, and Boszormenyi-Nagy1 reported the observation of leukocytosis in mice subsequent to a period of residence in magnetic fields of about 4000 Oe. Murphy2 in 1926 observed that the induction of lymphocytosis by a variety of agents such as low-level X-irradiation, dry heat, and injection of oils was accompanied by an extended survival and, in some cases, regression of an implanted tumor. That the lymphocyte is the active agent in this process is also confirmed by the results of Algire, Weaver, and Prehn,3 who found that transplants are not rejected when put in porous chambers in the peritoneum of mice. The chambers have barriers too small for lymphocytes or other cells to enter, but large enough to permit serum and fluid to pass.


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