Waves in a Conductivity-Tensor-Defined Medium A Cold-Plasma Example

  • W. D. Jones
  • H. J. Doucet
  • J. M. Buzzi


The aim of this chapter is to introduce and briefly describe the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a medium where anisotropic conductivity tensor σ can be defined. This approach provides a valid description of the wave phenomena possible in many plasmas of interest. Since such a description can be found in many places [see, for example, Denisse and Delcroix (1961), Stix (1962), Allis, Buchsbaum, and Bers (1963), Quemada (1968), Chen (1974), and Nicholson (1983)], we present here only the cold-plasma theory as an example of the utility of this approach. Special emphasis will be given to the concept of dispersion relations and their importance to wave propagation in plasmas. Also, as will be true throughout the rest of the book, we will routinely use the mathematical techniques of Fourier and Laplace transforms.


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  • H. J. Doucet
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  • J. M. Buzzi
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  2. 2.Laboratorie de Physique des Milieux IonisésEcole PolytechniquePalaiseauFrance

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