Solubility of Solid n-Butane and n-Pentane in Liquid Methane

  • G. P. Kuebler
  • G. McKinley
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 21)


Knowledge of the solubility limit of heavy hydrocarbons in liquid methane is of practical interest in the liquefaction of natural gas. Data for several binary systems were given in a previous publication [1] and the advantages and disadvantages of the various experimental methods were discussed. The single-pass, continuous-flow technique was shown to offer certain advantages in measuring the solubilities of low-concentration solutes in liquefied gases. The present study describes results obtained with the application of this technique and the vapor circulation technique to the methane-n-pentane system. Results obtained with the vapor circulation apparatus for the methane-n-butane system are also given. The methane-n-pentane study was begun to resolve the discrepancy between the limited data of Morlet [2] and Preston et al. [3]. The limited butane solubility data were obtained to check the two points given by Morlet [2].


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  • G. McKinley
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  1. 1.Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.AllentownUSA

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