Experience of Tokyo Gas with In-Ground LNG Tanks

  • Y. Miyata
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 21)


In order to meet the huge demand for energy by the constantly expanding metropolitan areas and also to satisfy the ever-increasing international needs for pollution-free energy, Tokyo Gas is now carrying out a natural gas conversion project. Since gas distribution through existing pipelines has already reached full capacity, this new project will make it possible to supply ample quantities of gas for use in the metropolitan areas by supplying methane gas which has a calorific value that is more than double that of conventional processed gas. Methane gas for metropolitan use is available by either reforming petroleum products or by regasifying LNG. At present, the former is only practical by reforming scarce naphtha. Thus, the latter source is relied upon for the raw material for methane gas.


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