Free Convection Film Boiling from a Flat, Horizontal Surface in Saturated He II

  • K. R. Betts
  • A. C. Leonard
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 21)


The boiling characteristics of helium II differ from those of conventional fluids in many ways, including the absence of a nucleate boiling regime. For a heated surface immersed in a bath of helium II, the critical heat flux associated with the onset of film boiling has been well documented in the literature; however, experimental studies of the heat transfer characteristics in film boiling with substantial heater excess temperatures have, to date, been limited to relatively small-diameter cylindrical heaters [1–5].


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  • K. R. Betts
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  • A. C. Leonard
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  1. 1.Royal Military College of CanadaKingstonCanada

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