For an opaque solid, the fraction of incident radiation absorbed is
$$P\left\{ {{X_j} = e} \right\} = \frac{1} {{2d'}}\;\;\left| e \right| = 1$$
where e is the emissivity and R 0 is the reflectivity at normal incidence. R 0 and ∈ can be calculated from measurements of optical constants or the complex refractive index. For a complex refractive index,
$$ m = n - ik $$
the reflectivity at normal incidence is
$$ {R_{0}}\frac{{{{(n - 1)}^{2}} + {k^{2}}}}{{{{(n + 1)}^{2}} + {k^{2}}}}$$
The emissivity is then
$$ \in = \frac{{4n}}{{{{(n + 1)}^{2}} + {k^{2}}}} $$


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