Phasons in Quasi-Crystals and Incommensurate Liquid Crystals

  • T. C. Lubensky
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 166)


Phason elasticity and hydrodynamics for incommensurate liquid crystals and icosahedral quasi-crystals are derived under the assumption that the free energy is analytic in the gradient of the relative phase, w, of incommensurate density waves. The phason mode is always diffusive in the hydrodynamic limit, but the diffusion constant for quasi-crystals is small. In strongly coupled incommensurate systems, the free energy can be non-analytic in \( % MathType!MTEF!2!1!+- % feaagaart1ev2aaatCvAUfeBSjuyZL2yd9gzLbvyNv2CaerbuLwBLn % hiov2DGi1BTfMBaeXatLxBI9gBaerbd9wDYLwzYbItLDharqqtubsr % 4rNCHbGeaGqipu0Je9sqqrpepC0xbbL8F4rqqrFfpeea0xe9Lq-Jc9 % vqaqpepm0xbba9pwe9Q8fs0-yqaqpepae9pg0FirpepeKkFr0xfr-x % fr-xb9adbaqaaeGaciGaaiaabeqaamaabaabaaGcbaGafy4bIeTbaS % aacaWG3baaaa!3861! \vec \nabla w \), leading to a breakdown of elasticity and hydrodynamics. The phason mode is pinned. For both types of phason dynamics non-uniform spatial distortions of w can easily be quenched into icosahedral quasicrystals. Evidence for quenched phason strains in these materials will be discussed.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaUSA

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