Quasiperiodicity, Mode-Locking, and Universal Scaling in Rayleigh-Bénard Convection

  • Robert E. Ecke
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 280)


Quasiperiodicity, mode-locking and universal scaling dynamics are described for Rayleigh-Bénard convection in a dilute solution of 3He in superfluid 4He. Examples from experimental data are used to illustrate analysis techniques of nonlinear dynamics: power spectra, phase space reconstruction, Poincaré sections, transients and stability eigenvalues, return maps, multifractal f(α) analysis, and scaling function dynamics. Using these tools we show that the route to chaos in this system of two intrinsic oscillatory modes has the same universality as the sine circle map.


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