Immunolocalization of Proteins in Situ by Light and Electron Microscopy

  • Ute Gröschel-Stewart
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It is often desirable to localize proteins in situ in tissues and cells. Not only are we interested in the subcellular and tissue distribution of proteins, at times, the quantity in which a protein is present can be so low that its isolation and characterization is very difficult and tedious. For the histological identifaction of proteins, the most specific reagents are antibodies raised to it or to a closely related crossreacting immunogen — be they mono- or polyclonal. As a prerequiste, the specificity of the antibodies has to be ascertained by standard immunological methods, such as immunoblotting, enzyme immunoassay, or activity inhibition tests. In the following, basic technical recommendations for beginners in the field are given. They include:
  1. I.

    Choice of Methods, Preparation of Specimen.

  2. II.

    Antibodies and Antibody-markers.

  3. III.

    Methods of staining.

  4. IV.




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