Influence of the Composition and Ratio of the Separated Phases on Stresses Arising During Leaching of Two-Phase Sodium Borosilicate Glasses

  • O. K. Botvinkin
  • N. L. Mironova
  • G. L. Shpilevskaya
Conference paper
Part of the The Structure of Glass / Stekloobraznoe Sostoyanie / Стеклооьразное Состояние book series (SOG)


It is known that certain glasses in the system Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 separate into two phases during heat treatment: a low-melting phase (L), containing mainly Na2O and B2O3, and a high-melting phase (H), with a high silica content. The low-melting component of these glasses is removed by treatment with acids, while the remaining high-silica skeleton forms a glass penetrated by minute pores [1, 2].


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© Consultants Bureau, New York 1973

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  • O. K. Botvinkin
  • N. L. Mironova
  • G. L. Shpilevskaya

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