Phase Separation in Low-Alkali Borosilicate Glasses Containing RO and Al2O3

  • L. A. Bal’skaya
  • L. A. Grechanik
  • N. M. Vaisfel’d
Conference paper
Part of the The Structure of Glass / Stekloobraznoe Sostoyanie / Стеклооьразное Состояние book series (SOG)


It is well known that opalescence caused by phase separation is diminished by introduction of alumina into sodium borosilicate glasses [1–3], However, in investigations of low-alkali borosilicate glasses containing even small amounts of oxides of the RO type it was found that in a number of cases opalescence of these glasses is intensified by introduction of Al2O3 [4, 5]. It was therefore considered interesting and desirable to investigate phase separation in borosilicate glasses containing both Al2O3 and RO, especially as in most cases both these oxides are actually present.


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  • L. A. Bal’skaya
  • L. A. Grechanik
  • N. M. Vaisfel’d

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