Study of Phase-Separation Processes in the Sodium Silicate System by the Electromotive Force Method

  • A. F. Borisov
  • V. I. Solov’ev
Conference paper
Part of the The Structure of Glass / Stekloobraznoe Sostoyanie / Стеклооьразное Состояние book series (SOG)


In this paper we examine the dependence of emf on temperature and concentration in sodium silicate melts in the composition range of 50–85 mole% SiO2 and at temperatures of 600–1400°. Electrochemical concentration cells of the type Pt:O2|Na2O·2SiO2 melt||xNa2O·ySiO2 melt| O2:Pt were investigated. The emf value is determined by the work of transfer of Na2O from one melt to the other, and is a quantitative measure of the basicity of the test melt relatively to the standard melt (Na2O·2SiO2).


Sodium Silicate Heterogeneity Region Composition Fluctuation Macrophase Separation Sodium Disilicate 
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  • A. F. Borisov
  • V. I. Solov’ev

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