Contribution to the Design of Three-Mesh Bandpass Filters

  • V. S. Voronin
  • S. S. Semenov
Conference paper
Part of the The Lebedev Physics Institute Series book series (LPIS, volume 71)


Bandpass filters are required to operate with transformers between their unmatched terminal impedances in some applications in physics research. One of the cases of practical interest here is the use of three-mesh band filters as converting four-terminal networks in high-power wideband microwave amplifiers. The three-mesh bandpass filter used in this application must be so designed that power transfer from the anode circuit of the tube in the preceding stage to the cathode-grid circuit in the next stage will be maximized with allowable frequency response nonuniformity over a specified frequency band, while the input and output capacitances of the tubes and the inductances of the connections must appear as component elements in the converting network. This article presents a simple method for the design of such three-mesh bandpass filters. Consider a balanced three-mesh bandpass filter (Fig. 1).


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  • V. S. Voronin
  • S. S. Semenov

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