An Automated Bakeable Quartz Fiber Vacuum Ultramicrobalance

  • J. Rodder
Conference paper


An automated bakeable quartz fiber vacuum ultramicrobalance is described. A precision of 5 · 10−9 g has been obtained with a 200mg load yielding a load to precision ratio (LPR)1 of 4 · 107. The load sensitivity product (LSP)1,2 is 1.2 · 106. The design of the shock-resistant beam, its suspension, and its special housing are described. Automatic operation is accomplished with flags mounted on the hangdown suspensions, two photocells, magnetic compensation, and the appropriate electronics. Causes of instabilities encountered in high vacuum with the automatic system are discussed and the methods used to eliminate the problems are given.


Quartz Fiber Special Housing Brute Force Method Magnetic Compensation Wheatstone Bridge Circuit 
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  • J. Rodder
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  1. 1.Rodder InstrumentLos AltosUSA

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