Possible Statistical Method of Processing Data on the Seismo-Acoustic Conditions of Seams Subject to Rock Bursts

  • N. G. Antsyferova


At the present time, the main information obtained from seismo-acoustic observations on burst-prone seams is in the form of graphs of the long-term changes in hourly noise* (Fig. 1). These graphs indicate fracture formation in the seam. Sudden bursts generally take place against a background of increased fracture formation, i. e., positive anomalies of the hourly noise values [1, 2]. At present, this is the basis for seismoacoustic warning of burst-prone zones in coal seams. This underlines the importance of an objective graphical assessment of the variations in hourly noise. Visual assessment of such variations is often difficult owing to the marked scatter of the hourly noise values, which is apparently due to the inhomogeneity of the coal and diversity of face operations. Furthermore, visual appraisals are inevitably subjective and ambiguous.


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