Interactive System for Medical Image Processing

  • K. PrestonJr.


A joint program in high-speed, interactive medical image processing has been pursued during the past 4 years between the Department of Electrical Engineering of Carnegie-Mellon University and the Department of Radiation Health, School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh. An image processing facility called BIPU (Biomedical Image Processing Unit) has been constructed around the Perkin-Elmer 7/32 computer at Presbyterian Hospital within the University of Pittsburgh Health Center. This system is interfaced to various peripheral equipment through two additional Perkin-Elmer 6/16 computers and is also interfaced via both selector channels and the multiplexor bus to a large high-speed disc, several CRT terminals (both on-site and remote), line-printer, image printerplotter, etc. Projects using this facility at the present time involved studies in computed tomography, ultrasound imaging and signal analysis, dental-facial image processing, and the analysis of images generated by the television microscope of tissue from various organ systems.


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