Fundamental Concepts

  • Thomas A. Carlson
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In this chapter we shall discuss portions of the theoretical basis upon which much of the activity of electron spectroscopy is founded. Specific theoretical problems will be taken up in their proper places in Chapters 4–6. Here we shall confine our discussion to subjects that span all or most of our attention in this book. First, the basic nature of the photoelectric effect will be presented. (A discussion of the Auger process is contained in Chapter 6.) Second, we shall turn our attention to the nature of binding energy. Third, a discussion will be made of distribution of final states from the viewpoint of the “sudden approximation.” Fourth, we shall include in this chapter a brief section on self-consistent-field atomic wave functions and their use in electron spectroscopy. Finally, a qualitative description will be given of molecular orbital theory as it is applied in electron spectroscopy as well as definitions of some of the more common symbols used in characterizing atomic and molecular orbitals.


Wave Function Principal Quantum Number Valence Shell Freeze Orbital Photoelectron Energy 
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