Calculating Densification from the Kinetic Constants of the Powder

  • V. A. Ivensen
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During isothermal sintering the reduction in volume of pores, as was shown in the preceding chapter, is described by Eq. (XT-6), reflecting the basic characteristics of the kinetics of densification. However, densification during isothermal sintering constitutes only part of the total densification attained in sintering. A substantial portion of the total densification occurs in the period of rising temperature. The rate of reduction in volume of pores at the beginning of isothermal sintering, and the general course of subsequent densification along with it, depends not only on the temperature but also to a considerable extent on the conditions of heating to isothermal sintering temperature. Therefore, for wider use of the kinetic equation (not only for phenomenological analysis of sintering but also for practical purposes) it is necessary to determine quantitatively the changes that occur in the sintered body before isothermal sintering begins.


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