Maintaining Nutritional and Processing Quality in Grain Crops during Handling, Storage, and Transportation

  • Philip C. Williams
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 46)


Production of grain in excess quantities sufficient for export and distribution to other areas where it is in demand for human and animal food is only practiced in a few areas of the World at present. North America, including Canada, Australia, and Argentina account for over 95% of the World’s grain exports. The development of other areas with the potential of growing grain surpluses and the distribution of this grain to food-poor regions of high population density is essential to lasting World peace. Significant steps are presently in progress to achieve this aim. The initiation and continuity of the “Green Revolution” has been largely responsible for dramatic improvements in the grain production of countries such as Mexico and Turkey, and in the establishment of International Centers for Agricultural Research, such as C.I.M.M.Y.T., I.C.R.I.S.A.T., I.R.R.I., I.I.T.A., and I.C.A.R.D.A.,1 which are aimed at the improvement of agricultural production in the regions covered by their respective mandates.


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